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A Closer Look at the Opioid Crisis

As the opioid epidemic continues to spread throughout communities all over, CPCHC is offering this educational training to help community members become more aware of what Opioids and Heroin really are and how people get to the point of addiction. Paired with some background and history of how we got here, this training focuses on the signs and symptoms to look for, understanding addiction, and where to find help.

Alcohol Impairment Goggles

Check out our alcohol impairment goggles equipped with games and obstacles for students to engage in while teaching them the dangers and consequences of underage drinking.  This interactive presentation will surely grab the attention of your students!

This interactive presentation offers parents, caregivers and other community members a chance to learn about what to look out for if you suspect your child is using drugs.  It’s easy to spot something when it’s right in front of you, but what if it’s hidden, in plain sight?


Participants are able to learn about the signs and symptoms to be aware of, and get tips on how to talk to your child about using drugs.


Interested in hosting Teen Underground at your school, agency, or other community function? Contact us today!

Narcan (Naloxone) Training

              Last Friday of every month

This training on how to administer Narcan.

Also includes a brief overview of opioid addiction & why Narcan works to help reverse an overdose.


Please contact Jessica Tyrrell or Jeff Petrie to sign up at 315 219-5393 or 315 894-9917



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