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Resources at Your Fingertips

The Clay Soper story as told through his friends and family - how the 19 year old thriving college student lost his life attending a summer party by mixing alcohol and prescription drugs. If you are a school, youth group or a parent who would like CPCHC to bring to your school or if you are interested in attending a viewing and discusssion etc please contact Maureen Petrie at


Download your favorite apps from the itunes store and the google play store today!

Blurred Minds: Virtual Reality app for teens that teaches them alcohol education by taking them to a virtual party and having them make decisions throughout the story line.



TDAA-Family & home: Drug education app for parents. Can be used as a drug guide with up to date information and current trends on popular substances being abused.



Teen Talk App: Resource for teens. Provides teens with a place to communicate their problems to trained professionals in a safe, anonymous environment.



Pure Rush: Game for teens that teaches about the dangers of illicit drugs.



Talk Sooner: App for parents that includes tips on how to talk to kids about not using alcohol or other drugs.



Grace Project Drug Awareness: The purpose of this app is to provide drug awareness and prevention resources to help educate the community on the various things they would need to know to help stop drug abuse. This will include information geared toward parents, myths about drugs, substance descriptions and effects, current trends, and much more.

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